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restaurant mediterrani

«Mar i Terra» is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant specializing in grilled meat and fish. With products of the highest quality, it offers different types of dishes inspired by Catalan gastronomy. An offer that is completed with a wide variety of starters, tapas and rice dishes.

With the spirit of the Balearic Islands and the Catalan coast, the concept of merging the sea and the land was born. A versatile kitchen in which you will find gastronomic proposals both from the coast and from the mountains.

«Mar i Terra», the usual recipes reinvented in a close and modern way.

Our gastronomy

restaurant mediterrani

Our menu is inspired from the Mediterranean coast to the mountainous valleys, our cuisine draws on the variety of ingredients and fresh products found on the Catalan coast.

In our restaurant, we offer a wide selection of dishes, from fresh seafood and fish, rice dishes and paellas, to delicious cuts of grilled meat among many other dishes.


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Our animals are female cattle over 10 years old and the benefits of dry maturation are flavor and tenderness, it is the flavor that presents significant changes with long maturation.


This process can last from 30 to 100 days depending on the amount of fat developed, generating notes on the palate of nuts, such as walnuts, and even some matured cheese.


The factor by which the endogenous enzymes, present in the meat, cause the connective tissues of the muscle to progressively unravel, obtaining a unique texture in the meat.


Exterior molds are not harmful to the piece, but instead form a crust that is cleaned when serving the product. These molds, together with the enzymes mentioned above, also enhance the flavor of the meat.


Enjoy the wonderful gastronomic experience that we have for you at Mar i Terra
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